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Eva Shiu, MPH / Research Project Coordinator

Eva is a Research Project Coordinator and works closely with Dr. Moskowitz on the MARIGOLD and LEAF projects.  She received her MPH from the University of Michigan and prior to joining Northwestern, she worked with a non-profit to promote cardiovascular/diabetes health within Chicago’s unique Asian communities.  She’s conducted public health research in Uganda, and is continuously interested in public health interventions for underserved populations.

What's your happy place?

Summer in Chicago, iced coffee, a really good book, and road trips.



Sarah Bassett / Doctoral Student

Sarah is a doctoral student in the Health Sciences Integrated Program working under Dr. Moskowitz. She is interested in the way that emotions impact physiology, and in the development and dissemination of positive affect interventions.

What's your happy place?

My happy place is running by the lake in the evenings.






Patricia Moreno, PhD / Post-Doctoral Fellow

Patty is a post-doctoral fellow supported through the National Cancer Institute (NCI) funded T32 training program, ‘Behavioral and Psychosocial Research Training in Cancer Prevention and Control.’ Her primary interests are resilience, coping, and ethnic minority status in the context of cancer, as well as psychoneuroimmunology and pathways by which psychosocial factors influence stress biology. She is interested in developing and tailoring interventions that foster meaning and purpose in life and maximize wellbeing in individuals facing cancer, particularly those with advanced or metastatic disease.

What's your happy place?

Holding my niece or nephew, the south of Chile, or lost in my thoughts


Elaine Cheung, PhD / Post-Doctoral Fellow

Elaine’s interests primarily focus on emotion regulation, social connection, and health. She did her PhD in social psychology, and in her current post-doctoral research, she’s currently expanding these interests to examine the factors that promote empathy and psychological well-being in the context of stress. In particular, she’s interested in examining the factors that protect against empathy decline and burnout in medical trainees. Outside of the lab, she's part of a whiskey club, and enjoys comedy, painting, and board games.

What's your happy place?

Summer in Chicago!


Elizabeth Addington, PhD / Post-Doctoral Fellow

Elizabeth is a clinical health psychologist and a postdoctoral fellow in the Behavioral and Psychosocial Research Training Program in Cancer Prevention and Control, funded by the National Cancer Institute. Her goal is to improve the wellbeing of cancer survivors and others affected by chronic illness, often by using techniques based in positive psychology and integrative medicine. She is especially interested in positive emotions, posttraumatic growth, and yoga and mindfulness-based interventions.

What's your happy place?

Laughing with my family and friends, spending time outdoors.


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